1.  Ensuring Participation-

Participation is one of the basic values and pre-requisites of our working methodology. AAK’s activities are planned, implemented and monitored by the active participation of the community. Details such as community contributions, roles and responsibilities of community members etc. are decided by user groups/sanghatans. Assessment of AAK’s performance and activities are all done by the community.

2. Seeking Transparency-

Transparency is practiced in our conduct and work . All decisions are made in a decentralised and open manner. Detailed information is displayed on the walls of community centres (which are primarily seen as decentralised information centres). Estimated and actual expenditure of AAK on particular activities, community contribution in cash and kind are displayed through pictorial charts/wall writings at the village level itself. Social audits are organised where expenditure made by AAK in a given area is made public and open to scrutiny. Aak also seeks similar to create a similar pressure on the panchayats and government projects.

3. Promoting Equity and Equality-

AAK adheres to the principle of equity and equality in all its programmatic processes. Past experience of government programmes in the area has reflected a large share of benefits being taken by powerful and socially advantaged groups. AAK believes in a justifiable sharing of natural resources and programme benefits among deprived and marginalized communities, especially women among them.

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