Protecting Child Rights

Name of Programme/Project – “Protecting child rights, in particular The Rights to Education and Protection  in Mirzapur District of  Uttar Pradesh”

Supported by : UNICEF Lucknow.

Objectives of the Project

  • To facilitate SMCs to play a proactive role in ensuring reduction in the number of OOSC, improve attendance of children and reduce the incidence of dropouts, increase in transition of girls after class 5 and of all children after class 8, and increase awareness on RTE, child rights, and CFS norms among members of SMC, VEC, WG and CPC in 210 villages.
  • To establish and strengthen Child Protection structures in 210 villages of Hallia and Lalganj blocks of Mirzapur district.and a Civil Society Alliance at block level which respond to and address the local Child Protection issues.
  • To enhance knowledge and positive attitude of families and communities in 210 villages of Hallia and Lalganj blocks in the Mirzapur district, for the promotion of child rights and the protection of children against violence, exploitation and abuse.
  • To empower Women especially those from socially excluded groups to champion/promote rights of children and have positive attitude to practice the 10 point child friendly agenda.
  • To support government front line functionaries and PRI representatives towards ensuring the delivery of basic services through community monitoring system of Red Alerts in  210 villages of 66 Gram Panchayats of Mirzapur district.

Program Coverage

Program Outcomes

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