AAK works with the community to enable them to exercise their rights on issues such as health and education, have access and control over natural resources, land rights and livelihoods as well as working to facilitate the provision on welfare and development schemes of the government. AAK believes that focused attention on children, especially the girl child is essential to transform society. AAK works in the city of Allahabad on issues of urban homeless(link to 2.8) and with cycle rickshaws drivers (link:2.7)(Photos of both needed) and in rural Mirzapur and Sonebhadra districts around issues of land rights(link), education(link), health(link), children with disability(link), organising self help groups(link), livelihoods(link), community organising(link), supporting local self-governance(link). AAK has also worked in the Chitrangi block of Rewa district, Madhya Pradesh in the recent past.

While focusing on working with the community at the grassroots level, in both rural and urban areas, AAK also looks at linkages between the local, meso and macro level processes affecting hunger, poverty and rights of people. AAK thus seeks to understand the impact of global, national and regional processes on local communities. It recognises that globalization and climate change processes have an influence as much as local power dynamics in shaping local conditions and links up with national level advocacy campaigns.

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